All the Rage: Detoxing Your Vagina with Herbal Tampons

For thousands of years, women have been healing themselves. They have been healing each other. They have passed down their healing practices generation after generation, taking care to preserve the formulas and recipes that delivered them from their ailments and illnesses. Before the rise of Big Pharma, humans as a whole were much more in touch with their bodies and its connection to the earth. Before doctors could prescribe drugs, and before pharmacies existed, there was only left the healing properties of the earth to administer for health. “A little bit of this herb” and a “little bit of that essential oil” was usually what a prescription sounded like for someone living in a time long before present day. Although there are many people who are still in touch and have knowledge of these natural remedies, pharmaceuticals and drugs are still the number 1 way the masses treat themselves. Thank goodness for the internet, though. With a little research on the internet, the seeker of natural remedies could really learn alot and become somewhat of a subject expert in his or her own right.

While scouring the internet looking for natural, low-cost remedies for yeast infections, I came across herbal tampons. I have to admit I was a bit confused at first, and maybe even a little turned off. Mental pictures of scrunched and crushed-up herbs in the form of a tampon riddled my mind, and I couldn’t help but think that seemed a little archaic and too “earthy” for my liking. Internet searched led to vlogs of women who had tried them and what they thought of them. Mostly, the reviews were positive and many reviews claimed that the herbal tampons improved their vaginal health or fertility. Mind you, I have been looking into herbal tampons for about a year now, and I’ve researched them enough to believe that they are indeed beneficial, and in the case of many women who have tried countless drugs and treatments, and have had no success, they are a God-send.

What are herbal tampons?

In short, they are small, sphere-shaped gauze-wrapped packets of herbs that have incredible healing properties for a female’s reproductive system. Herbal tampons have been used for centuries by women in the Fast East, Africa, and just about everywhere. These little spheres are inserted into the vagina for a certain amount of time, and the herbs work to break up and remove scar tissue, infection, blockages, or any other debris from past surgeries, illnesses, miscarriage, abortions that may have taken up lodging in the vagina, cervix, womb and fallopian tubes.

The herbs contained in the tampons have been used alone for wellness, and not just reproductive health. But together, the herbs are a powerful combatant to illnesses in the reproductive system, like PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), Endometriosis, Fibroids, ovarian cysts, infertility, blocked fallopian tubes, PMS, bacterial vaginosis, STIs, and yeast infections. This list is not exhaustive, but these are the main illnesses that many women are dealing with, and what they are most used for. The concoction of herbs used in the tampons are motherwort (regulates menstruation), cnidium (clears up skin and increases sexual libido), rhizoma (removes toxins and relieves hot flashes), borneol (reduces pain and relieves hot flashes), stemona (aids in bloodflow and kills parasites), astragulus root (anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory), calendula (anti-inflammatory and kills bacteria), and garlic (destoys free radicals, strengthens immune system and fights infection) and red clover (purifies blood, and breaks up proteins that cause scar tissue).

How to use herbal tampons

There are several different herbal tampon makers that provide instructions with their packaging. For the most part, the tampons are inserted into the vagina (at least 3 days after menstruation and 7 days before menstruation) and left there for 24-72 hours. After the tampon is removed you will then do a chamomile tea douche, and a purge of old, dead, and formerly harmful tissue to the reproductive system will exit through the vagina. You can easily search for herbal tampon purge or womb pearl detox purge photos on the internet, but I warn you, they are not pretty. As a matter of fact, if you are queasy, you may not want to look at all. However, it is good to see what these little things are capable of.

But my doctor said they are dangerous. Are herbal tampons safe?

I’ve seen several articles on the internet denouncing herbal tampons as if they were some sort of new illegal drug that will send you to an early grave if you dare use it. Those articles usually end with some sort of pitch to go see your doctor and let him prescribe FDA-approved drugs to heal your uterine and vaginal ailments. Doctors don’t always have the answer, and sometimes they are straight-up dumbfounded at the conditions that some women have, and the best they can do is prescribe them a drug that can only be found in a pharmacy and tell them to “wait” and “let’s see”. Doctors have to sell drugs just like a salesman has to sell a car, and sometimes, those drugs may not be totally beneficial and sometimes can be downright harmful. Keep in mind too that Big Pharma cannot profit from herbal tampons because herbs cannot be patented, and therefore cannot be monetized. It serves Big Pharma well to denounce anything natural that can truly heal but from which they cannot profit.

All of the research I have done over a year has shown me that the majority of the women who have used these herbal tampons have had positive outcomes. They have cured their dysmenorrhea, gotten pregnant when they couldn’t before, or have cleared some recurring infection that prescription drugs could not. In my opinion, herbals tampons are safe. The herbs are from the earth, and much safe than toxic cotton tampons, vaginal mesh implants, etc. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION. Find all of the positive reviews of women who have actually tried them and compare to the negative reviews of people who have never tried them at all. You’re a grown woman, you know what works for your body and what doesn’t. But please don’t take the word of someone who has never tried them. I’ve used them, and they WORK.

Where can I buy herbal tampons?

There is a Chinese company called “Clean Point” which manufactures the tampons and they can be purchased on Amazon, eBay, or I purchased my herbal tampons from They are affordable as compared to a few companies that offer a very costly ($900+) vaginal/uterine detox program that has a few other added treatments.  There are several brands that claim that their herbal blend is the one and only true tampon or pearl.  You need to research each company and determine which fits your needs.  Companies like Goddess Detox Pearls and Seanjari Preeti actually provide a sort of consultation, regular customer support and educational information on the tampons before, during and after your use of them.  This may be the perfect option for someone who needs reassurance throughout the detox process.  Happy herbal tampon hunting!

What about you?

Have you used herbal tampons?  What was your experience?

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