Smoothie Your Way To A Healthy Vagina

Smoothies are one of the most delicious and fun ways to get much-needed nutrition and vegetables that may be lacking in our everyday diet. With the power of a blender, you can grind down some of the most healthy foods into an easily consumable form. The process of finding and purchase the right ingredients for healthy smoothies may be a little challenging, but the health advantages far outweigh these challenges.

The following recipes were gathered from several different sources and websites on the internet. I have not created these recipes but I thought they would be perfect for sharing on this website. Keep yeast infection-causing bacteria from overgrowing in the vagina is key to preventing yeast infections. The following smoothies will help you to do just that–all the while breaking up the monotony and sometimes discomfort of swallowing horse-sized probiotic and vitamin supplements.

Some of us would not dream of eating brocolli, kale or spinach raw, but if these cruciferous vegetables are ground up into fine particles, and mixed with natural sweetening agents like fruits, or honey, things start to look alot more appealing!

Avocado (with blueberry and spinach) Smoothie – avocados are just delicious by themselves. But can you imagine adding that yummy buttery softness to a smoothie?  You may have heard that consuming avocado regularly is a great way to get healthy fats. Well, that is true! Unlike unhealthy fats that are detrimental to your health, healthy fats will only benefit you. An avocado alone has vitamin K, folate, vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin E, and small amounts of manganese, copper, iron, zinc, phosphorous, vitamin A, B1, B2 and B3. It also has a good amount of fiber, which helps to stay “regular”, if you know what I mean. There are various other health benefits of avocado, but for the sake of keeping this article relatively short, we’ll focus on the ones discussed above. And top it all off, avocados are delicious!!


1/2 an avocado
2 cups fresh-squeezed orange juice
2 cups spinach
1 cup fresh blueberries
1 banana

Green Smoothie – ahhh, the Smoothie of all smoothies: the Green Smoothie. Although there are quite a few variations of the green juice smoothie, they all have one thing in common: if it’s natural, and green, it should go in! Natural ingredients like brocolli, spinach, greens, kale, cucumbers, celery, green grapes, kiwis, wheatgrass, chlorella, spirulina and so on are synonymous with a typical Green smoothie. The general idea of a green smoothie is to give you as much nutrition as possible in one glass. Because green veggies and fruits are packed with hydrating water, less sugar and phytonutrients, they have an outstanding healing power that our bodies need for optimal health. There is no need to use only green veggies and fruits, you can add veggies and fruits of other colors, but you want to retain the green color of the final blend, which is, well, the whole point of a GREEN smoothie 🙂 If you’ve never tried one, here’s your chance!

Green Tea Ginger Smoothie – green tea is known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and ginger is a great natural remedy for aiding digestion. Remember, candida needs to NOT have a hospitable environment to grow, so that’s where the anti-inflammatory comes in. Also, keeping our gut healthy will keep bacteria from building up in our intestines and causing an imbalance and growth to reach the vagina. Need I say more about this blend?

1 cucumber
1 handful of parsley
1 lime, peeled
1 inch pc of ginger
1 cup brewed green tea, cold (I recommend this brand; it’s the best green tea you’ll find in the West, IMO!)
1 inch pc of fresh coconut (or 1 tbsp of coconut butter)

Celery Smoothie – celery may not be the most tasty veggie, but it is very healthy. It’s green color alone should tell us that. Celery is great in aiding weight loss, reducing inflammation and cholesterol and even helps to relieve stress. There are even studies with findings that large amounts of celery can combat cancer. That’s alot to say about this often overlooked vegetable. Try not to pass up celery in the produce aisle next time you go to the store; and definitely give it a try in this smoothie:

4 celery stalks
1 apple, quartered
1/2 cup sliced pineapple
1 banana
1/2 cup fresh orange juice
1 tbsp honey

Kale Smoothie – in the past, kale was often used as a table garnish, but someone decided to take a closer look at kale as an edible, healthy source of vitamins and nutrients. Kale packs even more of a nutritional punch than spinach, and can help improve blood glucose control in diabetes, help prevent cancer, reduce blood pressure and help keep asthma from developing. Amazing! Kale is quite bitter though, but don’t let that keep you from giving it a try!

2-3 cups kale
1 banana
1 cucumber
1 frozen lemon
1 tbsp almond butter
1 tbsp chia seeds
1/2 cup water

So, smoothie your way on to not only vaginal health, but overall health!  And enjoy every minute of it!

What about you?

Are you in the habit of whipping up smoothies daily to help maintain your health?

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